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Our Local Economy: Main Street, Infrastructure, & Jobs

We need smart and targeted economic development programs that invest in the core of Rensselaer County's economy – our Main Streets and workforce.

  1. Give preference in county contracts to stakeholders that pay prevailing wages or employ a unionized workforce/labor.​

  2. Promote and support strong buy-local policies and initiatives.

  3. Provide county employees with a living wage of at least $15 an hour, rather than the state wage of $12.50/hour.

    • Support the rights of County employees to join unions and exercise collective bargaining rights.

    • Oppose privatization of services currently provided by County employees and sufficiently fund our human service agencies, including annual cost of living increases.

  4. Create a county-level COVID-19 small business loan assistance fund, working with the County Chamber of Commerce and other business development entities.

    • Grants should range from $0 - $5,000.

    • Eligibility: located in Rensselaer County, must generate sales tax and show a decrease in revenues by at least 25%.

    • Assists with back rent, alterations made due to COVID-19 restrictions, PPE, and more.

  5. Target economic development of small, locally-owned, and start-up businesses that create jobs.

  6. Increase highway department funding and enact cost-saving measures to maintain more of our county roads and create jobs in the process. Our bridges and roads remain in significant disrepair.

  7. Require county-funded economic development to connect residents to skill training, educational opportunities, apprenticeships, and employment.

    • Note: 94% of those who complete apprenticeships become employed upon completion. 

    • Implement a Facade Improvement Program/Fund for Main Streets.

Our Local Economy: Main Street, Infrastructure, & Jobs: Project
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